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Joint venture brokers are people who connect business joint venture partners together for profit making projects. The joint venture brokers will earn a pre-negotiated percentage of the profits earned from the joint venture that they helped put together.

You will find titles such as Webinar Broker, JV Broker, JV Manager, Joint Venture Broker, Joint Venture Manager for joint venture brokers.

Joint venture brokers review sales pages and webinars to check the value of a product or service for high sales conversion. Sales pages and webinars that convert are the gold that joint venture brokers want to mine.

Webinars are one of the best forms of marketing to generate leads. The Webinar Way provides the platform to educate, present, and sell. Many joint venture brokers are webinar brokers who find a product partner with a great webinar and match them with a partner who has the right target market list.

Joint venture brokers are skilled networkers that can find key people/businesses in different niches and connect them to other people/businesses in the same niche in order to share one businesses products/services with another businesses customers. A joint venture broker is conscientious and aware not to put direct competitors together as partners, but find indirect competitors that both market to the same target audiences with different and complementary products/services. In finding such suitable partners, great joint venture partnerships can be created.

Often a joint venture broker will be hired by a business that has either a product, service, or a customer base that could be better monetized. The product/service owner will be seeking partners who have a customer base that is targeted to their product/service. Like-wise the person/business with a customer base (often ezine/newsletter publishers or high traffic webmasters) will be seeking products and services related to their customers' interests so they can market them to their customers.

Joint venture brokers make business connections in person and by phone, email, and social connections. These are the "Relationship Riches!" Unlike affiliate sales, there is a personal connection and the terms of the contract are negotiated and may include a finders fee for putting the joint venture deal together.

The joint venture broker may be hired by either of these two partner types in order to connect them with each other to create successful and profitable joint ventures. The joint venture broker will often find multiple suitable partners for their clients to joint venture with, thus producing greater profits of which the broker is often paid a pre-negotiated percentage of sales.

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