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Kind Words for Sherrie Rose

Sherrie is the quintessential mastermind.  She is the project director, executive producer, make it happen woman you want to run your team.  She sees the big picture and the details with an eye to the future. Most of all, she is fun to work with and brings her own special style to liven things up!

Natoma Keir

“Sherrie Rose is a very genuine, helpful, caring, kind, empathetic woman who understands people, life, and business.”

Tom Beal

“Observant, quirky in a fun way.”

Adryenn Ashley

“When I think of Sherrie Rose, the words “Wisdom”, “Generosity”, and “Love Bucket” come to mind. My experiences (literally) have been meeting up at numerous marketing conferences, a wedding, and with various friends outside of marketing and at Matt Bacak’s birthday. Mostly, I experience Sherrie through Facebook with her short sentences… but meaningful ones. She’s not a ham for the spotlight like many in the industry. And she’s a bit mysterious. She’s a petite person with a large personality. Very easy to pick up while hugging..”

Ori Bengal

“Friendly. Committed. Good networker. Interested in helping others maximize their strengths and talents. No ego when it comes to learning from others.”

Sharon Worsley

“Sherrie is OVERWHELMINGLY kind, smart and loving. She is always in the mix in a key way with the heavy hitters, and yet she is egoless. And, I really don’t know what she does professionally, but I know that she is ‘dope’ at it. ”

Sheila Brown

“Smart, professional, warm-hearted, friendly, pretty, classy, gracious, spiritual/religious (as in, you’re rooted in something good)… I have a certain inherent trust in her because I know her thoughts and actions come from a place of goodness. ”

Eve Colantoni

“Sherrie Rose is woman of high intrinsic value, balanced with insight, wisdom and beauty. Sherrie has summed up the essence of life in two words, ‘Relationship Riches.’ ”

Alexander Boggus

“Sherrie Rose knows everyone and is everywhere. She’s probably one of the most connected people I know. The best part is she’s very trustworthy.”

Matt Bacak

Friendly Praise for Sherrie Rose

“Throughout the many years of knowing Sherrie Rose (and we rarely see each other in person), I can say she is a ‘one of a kind’ friend….she initiates contact frequently, leaves a loving message, if I don’t answer, she leaves me with the option to return the call or not. When we do connect, I feel as if we just talked yesterday even if many months have passed. Her warmth, openness, caring, humor, wisdom, and compassion is readily available. Very few of my ‘friends’ initiate contact and when a gem like Sherrie does, I AM reassured that I matter, and I AM loved. I know I AM Blessed to be called ‘friend’ by Sherrie and I AM truly honored to call her ‘friend’.”

Patricia Krown