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What Others Say About Working with SHERRIE ROSE

From Team Members

Nina Claiben


“There is so much to say about working with you. First off, you are an amazing mentor. You are always willing to help the team learn new things. You are smart, patient and dedicated to every task that you handle. You always put your heart in everything that you do, and the projects are a success because of you.


Over the years, we were able to create this bond like a family and working with you feels like working as a family. I hope that we can work together for a long time.


Sherrie, words are not enough. You are truly WONDERFUL in and out.”

Fred (Fahed) Khan


“Before I start I would express my feeling working with you as “WOW” because of your trust with me.


The overall experience with you was excellent because projects are solely managed and handled so well by you. All things were quite well planned and all the customer experience was well organized by you. I can compare this to other launches that I was involved in so I know what proper management looks like. With you, everything is brilliantly organized.


If I talk about you as a person then I can say “Sherrie you are wonderful!”

I liked the way you taught me about each and everything in depth about each product launch. I can say you are the best teacher I’ve ever had. Also the most satisfactory part of my job with you is that you allowed me to work my own way and gave guidance where I need to be careful. The best thing is, you are so calm and very patient. There are many things and believe me, all are positive feedback because of you.


I really appreciate all your help that you offered me to me to grow me in my career and that is the thing I really respect about you.”

Andrew Neitlich


“I have worked with Sherrie Rose for over two years now on a major project launch in the coaching space. This launch involved marketing a subscription to a 27-modules of coaching methodologies to a community of executive and business coaches worldwide and the launch was a major success in terms of industry benchmarks for conversion rate, customer loyalty and financial success. Sherrie was the project manager of the program and her leadership played an integral role in the success of this program.


Her contributions to the program are numerous and include:
“Taking leadership for bringing together two partners in the program with very different leadership styles and talents. One partner had a typical entrepreneurial and “wing it” style while the other was more analytical in nature. Sherrie played the role of natural buffer and bridge between them, investing a huge amount of time and energy as a translator to bring them together and ensure smooth communication behind the scenes. The value of this work cannot be underestimated in making sure that the partnership worked well.


Coaching me to be an effective presenter during a series of four live webinars during the initial launch and five live webinars during a subsequent Re-launch. Sherrie is a world-class expert on webinar delivery and conversion for product launches. I am not. She coached me on exactly how to lead the webinar to make it educational and high value for participants and also effectively guide them to the website to make the purchase, and then upsell them to the next step. Had she not coached me prior to delivery of the live webinar, I am completely sure that the webinar and launch would have been unsuccessful. She brought tremendous value through her work with me on this step alone.


Managing the initial launch, and subsequent Re-launch to bring the right people (web designers, copy writers, coders, customer service, online marketers) and technologies (web platform, shopping cart, processor, CRM database) together to make sure everything was ready on time. There were a huge number of moving parts required to make this launch a success and Sherrie was instrumental in bringing them together for an on-time launch. She also coordinated personnel when the partner or partners were not satisfied with one or more vendors and their deliverables, by quickly finding replacements who met our expectations. For instance, when one partner was very unhappy with the work of a copywriter he had suggested, she quickly got a much better copywriter on board who created much more effective copy.


Managing accounting and reporting so that the process was transparent throughout.”


Leading customer service. Throughout any kind of launch with hundreds of customers, and thousands of prospects, there are numerous questions and issues that come up. Sherrie handled these – and oversaw the customer service reps — with professionalism and grace. She has great people skills while also focusing on upselling customers to the next possible product.


In summary, Sherrie has exceptional leadership skills and the people skills to bring diverse people together, work with them and bring them together in times of conflict, remain meticulous and professional with customers and contractors alike, and still execute and move things along on time even when the partners are not necessarily naturally attuned to linear time management as part of their way of being. She takes ownership of a project even when she is not compensated the way an owner is compensated. I am grateful for her work and would never hesitate to give her my highest recommendation.”


Andrew Neitlich
Center for Executive Coaching

From Specialized Vendors



In my experience it’s been an absolute delight to work with you, Sherrie. Your communication is very clear, and you feedback is very quick.  Your positivity and enthusiasm makes me look forward to our calls, and happy to be doing work that will be reviewed by you. You are also very patient, which is great when we don’t hit it out of the park the first time.

Joana Galvao


Sherrie, you are always positive and proactively pushing things forward. Your communication back-and-forth is great.  I always appreciate you taking the time to explain the situations and the context around goals to create momentum.
-Joel Widmer



Sherrie, you’ve been an absolute joy to work with!

You’ve found a way to blend vision for what a project should be with commitment to seeing it through (which is really rare and refreshing). Working with you is a real privilege, and I hope it continues for a long time!


Trae Gunter


“Sherrie is a delight to work with on any project. With her strong working knowledge of Internet marketing, technology and her vast network of business professionals, Sherrie can help companies and entrepreneurs take their business concept and make it a reality in today’s information highway.”
-Stephen Champagne


“I’m glad to share my experience working with Sherrie. I’ve worked with many people but I liked working with Sherrie the most. She is a great manager and a clear communicator. Her instructions are very clear and in case of any confusion, not only she provides clear explanation / instructions but in some cases uses tools like recorded online videos to help understand the issue. She is a true professional and above all, she is a great person to work for.


She is easily available in case of any query. I truly appreciate the co-ordination she has with all the team members. Where working for other clients make me feel little nervous even on trivial issues, it’s really easy to find quick and easy solutions to complicated issue while working with Sherrie.


I feel blessed that I’ve got an opportunity to work for Sherrie.

God bless you, Sherrie, and you are awesome.”

With best regards,
Sanjay Kumar
Web Developer


“Working with Sherrie Rose is like working with the best team there is, but in this case this team is rolled into one person!!!

She is the person who has the ability to create great workflow no matter how tough the project is. Very well organized (on multiple levels), excellent project manager (the best I’ve worked with) and the most important – a very reliable and responsible person!!!

Thanks, Sherrie, for sharing your time and experience with me!!!” -Nik Mucnjak


“Hello Sherrie!

The experience working with you has definitely been positive. You definitely get things done and you always seem to have a handle on what needs to be taken care of and what the next steps are.

I like the fact that you always take some time to teach people things they have questions on as it makes the learning process that much easier and it helps get people up to speed so much quicker.

I enjoy my time working with you.” – Christopher Lee