What's The Number One Skill You Should Master?

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I invest in my family. I invest in my friends. I invest in my partners. I invest in my clients. I invest in my network of valued individuals. I am a Relationship Investor.

Who are the shareholders in your life? Investor Relations beyond the public company kind, I call “Empowered Investor Relations,” are personal in nature. Empowered Investor Relations (EIR) is communication of information and insight between interested parties where the benefits of sharing is on multiple levels.  This enables a full appreciation of mutual and opposing activities, strategies and plans. EIR allows the people involved to make informed decisions about next actions, the direction of the relationship and levels of involvement.

EIR also follows the pronunciation of the word ear. Ears are for hearing and listening. Listening comes in many forms in our digital world. EIR is for listening, and in the words of Stephen R. Covey, seek first to understand, then to be understood. Hear first. Communication is two-way and what you hear is often more important than what you say. Invest by actively listening and fully focus on understanding the other person’s perspective.

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